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28mm Miniatures Tabletop War Game.
Black Powder Red Earth 28mm - Unforgiving close combat in a failed state at war.

Made in USA.
The Basics. Core Rules.
This book contains the rules you need to set up and play games of Black Powder Red Earth 28mm, along with lore and character sheets for the factions involved.

A skirmish game with optional longer campaign structures, Black Powder Red Earth 28mm is designed to be fast, violent and streamlined. Games take around 15-20 minutes, and the action begins from turn one — survival is not guaranteed. Bloodshed is.

In the book

+ Full rules for playing Black Powder Red Earth 28mm, a small unit tactics close combat skirmish game

+ A comprehensive history of the proxy wars between the failing North African states of Awbari and Qasra

+ Sheets and stats for eight light infantry shock troops, with which to build your kill team

+ 11 ready-to-play combat scenarios

+ Five battlespace layouts for campaign play.

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