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28mm Miniatures Tabletop War Game.
Black Powder Red Earth 28mm - Unforgiving close combat in a failed state at war.
Campaign + Mission rules, stats, scenarios, and background for a fast-paced close combat miniatures wargame.
Spearhead Rules Book

Made in USA.
Spearhead Operations Cards.
Leveraging the incredible sharpness and color range of the HP12000 Printer, our cards are printed on 130 lb paper stock, laminated, die-cut and then hand collated. The lamination process creates a tear-resistant component that’ll also survive spills on the gaming table. You can use these cards through thousands of games, without fading, tearing, curling or suffering water damage.

+ #130 gloss
+ 1.2 matte lam on both sides
+ Water resistant
+ Tear Resistant
+ Hand collated
+ Made in USA

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