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Special Projects Group SOPMOD Carbine.
Cold Harbor Special Projects Group Carbine.
Using the highest quality MIL-SPEC components available, the Cold Harbor Special Projects Group "SOPMOD" carbine is a limited edition rifle built by Joint Force Enterprises in collaboration with BCM.

Building on a proven BCM platform, the Special Projects SOPMOD features specific modifications hand-selected by veteran special operations soldiers consulting on the development of the BPRE graphic novel series and games. The carbine features components by B5 Systems, Geissele Automatics, Knights Armament, Advanced Armament, Haley Strategic and Vltor..

The duotone Cerakoting includes a color matched upper/lower receiver in a custom blend developed by Joint Force Enterprises called Dark Bronze and a handguard coated in Cerakote Cobalt. Finally, each upper receiver and lower receiver is lasered with custom Cold Harbor IDs and symbology.

This limited edition carbine is designed for both hardcore fans of the series as well as shooters looking for a fighting carbine that performs as good as it looks.

Complete Parts List.
KMR-13 Handguard
BCM Bolt Carrier Group
14.5" BFH Barrel with 1/7 Twist
AAC 51T Black Out Flash Hider Pinned/Wedled
Knights Armament Folding Front Micro Front Sight
Knights Armament Folding Rear 300M Micro Sight
B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock
Haley Strategic Thorntail Offset Mount
HSP-WML Weapon Light
Geissele Super Dynamic Combat Trigger
B5 Systems QD End Plate
BCM Mod 3 GFG Pistol Grip
BCMGunfighter Ambi Charging Handle
BCM KeyMod QD Sling Attachment Point
BCM Polymer Enhanced Trigger Guard
USGI Magazine x1
KeyMod Rail Segments x3
Available exclusively through Joint Force Enterprises.
BCM KMR-13 Handguard.
BCMGunfighter Ambi Charging Handle.BCM KeyMod QD Attach Point.
BCM GFG Mod 3 Pistol Grip.BCM Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard.
Geissele Super Combat Trigger.
Knights Armament Micro Front BUIS.Knights Armament Micro 300M Rear BUIS.
AAC 51T Blackout Flash Hider.Vltor A5 Buffer Tube.
B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock.B5 Systems QD Receiver End Plate.
Thorntail Offset Mount.row_08_r
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