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Black Powder Red Earth.
Critical Reviews.
Jon Chang wraps BPRE around a realistic portrayal of a pair of PMC contractors in the not so near future Iraq...Just far enough ahead to see what is basically happening to Iraq now. Regional powers destabilizing Iraq until it splits apart, militias sweeping in during a power void, and Corporations taking advantage of it all to make a buck. I swear it's like Jon Chang was staring into a crystal ball looking at the future when he wrote this. It's almost eerie how accurate his portrayal of Iraq is in the few years down the timeline where this story takes place.
- James Price, Death Valley Magazine

It's not a comic series for everyone, but it's definitely a comic for people that think comics are only for kids. Any fan of military thrillers in the vein of Tom Clancy would also love this. It's a comic for those with a higher attention span.
-Raphael Moran,

What Jon Chang and Kane Smith have created with Black Powder//Red Earth is a realistic look into a possible, and scary, future of Iraq and the men that will work and fight in that environment. Today's friends suddenly shift alliances due to various reasons, be it love of country, family, tribal ties - a very real, motivating factor in the Middle East - or simple greed. It's a cinematic pace, is the best way I can describe it.
-David Reeder,

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